Mystical Seas

Reginald Stokes, Undersea Photographer

Reginald Stokes has been photographing the undersea world for over four decades. His work stirs the soul through images of shipwrecks and awakens the imagination with stills of the mystical and beautiful life found in the quiet of the ocean. His passion for the mysterious, often awe-inspiring world deep beneath a veil of waves sent him first diving. Compelled to bring this magnificent scenery to the surface, Reggie began to capture on film a world that no words could aptly describe. His love for the ocean and his dedication to the art of underwater photography have taken him to many destinations such as the Australian Barrier Reef, the Pacific Islands of the Solomon, the Fiji Islands, the Hawaiian Islands, the coast of Honduras, the kelp beds of California, shipwrecks of the mid-Atlantic Coast, and many of the Caribbean Islands. His photographs have been featured in national publications and sold in dive shops, galleries, and retail establishments.  Reggie’s prints show a fondness for wide-angle panoramic images, as well as micro shots, which capture the exquisite detail of tiny, brilliantly colorful, and hard-to-find sea life found on and near the reef.

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